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To get the most out of your visit, allow yourself plenty of time and plan carefully.

Use the links on the left to find out information about the archive repository you want to visit. For each archive you can find out

Location and contact details
Including map, travel information, phone number and email address. A Google map showing all the Archive Services of Wales is available.

A Google Map showing all the Archive Services of Wales

Records held
Brief information on the types of record held, and the geographical area covered.

Opening hours
Opening hours vary considerably between archives. Some offices close one day a week, and at lunch times. Others are open late on certain days, or are open on Saturdays. Check opening times before you visit!

Information on accessibility and facilities for people with reduced mobility.

Find out whether whether there are public toilets, a shop, a cafe, or a place to eat your own food.

Check whether you need to make an appointment. Some archives have appointment systems - sometimes all visitors need to make appointments in advance, sometimes you just need to book if you want to use a computer or microfiche reader.

Readers' tickets
Find out if you need a reader's ticket, and what forms of identification are needed. Most archives in Wales ask their users to register for a reader's ticket. Some have their own systems, while others are members of the CARN system - this is a UK-wide system where you register for a ticket once, at any office, and can then use the ticket in any of the offices which are part of the system.

Most archives ask you to leave your coat and bag in a locker before going into the search room. Find out whether there are lockers, and whether they are coin-operated.

Copying and use of cameras
Find out whether you can photocopy documents or use a digital camera. In some archives you may be able to do the copying yourself, while in others copying is only carried out by staff.

Use of laptops
Check whether you can use your laptop, and whether powerpoints are available.

Children and Young People
Archives are a great resource for all ages.

Find out whether the archive can offer special sessions for groups of pupils with their teachers, or welcomes older pupils visiting on their own to carry out their own research.

Some readers may want to take children into the archive with them, so that they can share in the excitement of their research. Find out whether there is a formal policy on admitting children.

Are you new to archives? Find out more